About Danielle

Danielle Comeaux brings to her mediation practice more than 15 years of hands-on litigation experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of commercial disputes. As a professional mediator, she now specializes exclusively in conflict resolution and mediation.

Danielle holds a Bachelors of Science degree from Texas Christian University and a Juris Doctorate from South Texas College of Law. Danielle has over 400 hours in conflict resolution training from South Texas College of Law, the Work life Institute Center for Mediation and Conflict Resolution, the Dispute Resolution Center of Harris County, and various continuing legal education courses. Danielle also has advanced training in Family Law and Divorce Mediation. She is a credentialed mediator as recognized by the Texas Association of Mediators. She is a member of the Virgin Islands Bar Association and the State Bar of Texas, and she is a member of Alternative Dispute Resolution chapters of the Houston Bar Association and the State Bar of Texas. 

Dispute Resolution Successes

Danielle Comeaux is a full-time mediator specializing in complex business and commercial matters, employment disputes, personal injury and wrongful death claims. Drawing from over 15 years of civil litigation experience on both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s side, Danielle understands the importance of hearing, analyzing and following a logical course based on the facts, issues and applicable law. Known for her ability to find professional, creative and innovative solutions to conflicts, Danielle goes beyond simply trying to help the parties reach a mutually agreeable “settlement number” and instead, seeks to find ways to uncover hidden value for both parties and salvage relationships where possible. Danielle’s approach to mediation sessions is to talk candidly with the parties and their attorneys regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their respective cases and what they might expect if settlement is not reached. She is more than just a ‘messenger’ of numbers; Danielle works hard to find professional, creative and innovative solutions to conflicts.

Danielle has been remarkably successful in resolving a wide range of disputes; several of her mediations were resolved between the parties prior to the filing of a lawsuit, and nearly all post-litigation disputes that she mediated were resolved prior to trial.

Danielle Clarke Comeaux, PC

In late 2009, Danielle decided to become a full-time mediator. She offers her services as a mediator in all phases of controversies and disputes, including those related to contracts, intra-company disputes, commercial contracts and business, personal injury, real estate and property disputes, insurance disputes, Hurricane Ike claims, and various other civil problems. Danielle focuses on assisting people and organizations navigate their way through a difficult dispute so they can move forward, empowered by making their own decisions. She is known for her integrity, compassion, and ability to bring parties together to settle even the most difficult and complex of litigated disputes.

She provides individuals, organizations, and parties involved in litigation efficient dispute resolution in a comfortable, convenient and confidential setting, conducting all of her mediations at the Greenway Mediation Center.